Companies in Sweden

Stockholm based company from Tech Services industry

All your marketing and advertising data where you want it.

Funnel is here to put an end to manual data collection. Funnel intergrates with all marketing and advertising platforms and allows you to feed your data where you want it. Out of the box integrations with 390+ data sources and we'll integrate with ANY marketing platform you request.

Stockholm based company from Tech Services industry

Readly's mission is to be on the cutting edge of the digital magazine revolution. We want to reinvent the magazine ecosystem by connecting content creators and publishers with readers all over the world, making content available, affordable and sustainable.

Readly is defined by our people - high performing team players with a growth mindset. We believe in transparency, radical candor, freedom and accountability. And oh yeah, we also have a no asshole rule.

Stockholm based company from Electronics industry

Electrification and renewable energy storage are the keys to a carbon neutral society. Batteries will enable the transition. The auto industry alone will need batteries in huge numbers to replace fossil fuels with electricity. The ability to store energy is also crucial to free the world's energy generation and distribution from coal, oil and natural gas. Northvolt accelerates this transition by building Europe's largest battery factory.

Stockholm based company from Consulting industry

New is a team of entrepreneurs, consultants and developers that has worked in international IT and management consultancy firms. We gather extensive experience in process optimization, IT development, intelligent automation and in general to achieve lasting effects from new technologies.

We support clients globally in all aspects of their automation journey, from RPA to chatbots, NLP, AI and more. We take the buzzword technology and create tangible effects for our clients.

Jönköping based company from Trade industry

It's all very simple.

Every week, the restaurants (the meeting points) for the actual week is published on our group intranet:

Join one or more LunchIn groups if you want to meet other LinkedIners to internetwork over lunch. (In some countries/cities it's LunchIn AfterWork, in some it's LunchIn Weekends)

Every city / local area on earth will have a group with an ambassador.

Participants have sole responsibility to connect with other participants at the meetings (and pay their own food). No obligation to participate.

Malmö based company from Tech Services industry

Mapillary is the street-level imagery platform that uses computer vision to fix the world's maps. We make images and map data available to visualize our world and help develop cities, maps, and automotive.

Mölndal based company from Electronics industry

Here at Plejd we use our experience and passion to assist you in selecting and creating a truly smart electronic environment. As the icing on the cake we then tie it all together with our own control system.

It all started when Erik Calissendorff started as ETO on the largest super yachts in the industry 2002. With a passion for technology one of Erik's mission on board was to give the owners and the crew the best possible entertainment experience. Headache-free installation, reliable, easy to use and the latest in unique and cool features was the goal.

Stockholm based company from Fintech industry

We are data-driven banking.

Tink enables banks and financial institutions to become data-driven through smart, precise, future-proof technology.

From collecting or analysing data, to obtaining insights and generating tailored advice and product recommendations - we help you deliver a more personal, intelligent financial experience to your users.

Today, our technology is transforming banks and countless customer experiences across Europe. Founded in Stockholm in 2012, our partners include Nordea, BNP Paribas Fortis, Klarna, ABN AMRO and SEB.

Stockholm based company from Tech Services industry

Peltarion makes artificial intelligence (AI) technology usable and affordable for all
companies - not only the big and powerful.

Stockholm based company from IT Security industry

Detectify is a SaaS based website security service founded by ethical hackers that will help you automate scanning for continuous coverage. We audit your site's security so your teams can focus on web development.

Detectify analyzes and monitors the security level of your website by applying a broad range of emulated hacker attacks. We then provide the owner with an easy to understand report that describes the identified vulnerabilities and their potential risk in the hands of malicious hackers.

Sollentuna based company from Environmental industry

SVEA Solar started with the simple vision, to integrate renewable energy into people's daily lives
without interruption- Renewable energy made easy.

As the leading solar installer in Sweden, SVEA Solar delivers complete turn-key solar systems for residential,
commercial and select large-scale utility projects. In doing so, we aim to provide a financial and
environmental investment that lowers energy costs while decreasing CO2 emissions.

Norrkoping based company from Electronics industry

iDeal Of Sweden is a Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand manufacturing functional products for mobile devices.

Stockholm based company from Design industry

In September 2017, the consulting company Acando acquired the service design agencies Transformator Design and Daytona. Together with two of Acando's units Digital Strategy & Transformation and Customer Experience & e-Commerce, we now are gathered in the existing brand itch.

Stockholm based company from Logistics industry

Einride is the next generation's disruptive road transport solution: safe, cost-efficient and emission-free. By rethinking the foundation of transportation, Einride's T-pod is the first transport vehicle designed and developed for self-driving electric propulsion.

Einride's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable society by lowering the carbon dioxide emissions of the transport industry.

Stockholm based company from Entertainment industry

We believe in stories and want to be the obvious choice for all audiobook lovers. Storytel is an entrepreneur-driven company and is growing rapidly. Today, we are offering thousands of audiobooks and e-books in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Iceland, Spain, India, Russia, Turkey, the UAE and Italy.

We are the market leader for streamed audiobooks in Sweden and our focus is to supply a great experience to our customers and have fun at work! We love what we do!

Stockholm based company from Hospital/Healthcare industry

Backed by some of Europe's most renown investors, including Accel and Index Ventures, we are on a mission to build better and more accessible healthcare to alleviate the pressure that growing populations have on traditional medical support models. We are moving fast, and we are doing this together. Care to join our journey and become a KRYer Follow us on LinkedIn for instant updates or visit our career site to search one of our open positions!

Gothenburg based company from Biotech industry

CELLINK is a 3D Bioprinting company and global leader in bioinks for bioprinting of human tissue and organs. CELLINK is the first bioink company in the world, the bioinks can be used universally on a wide range of 3D Bioprinters.

The unique biocompatibility and printability of our bioink offers outstanding results that will take your research to the next level.

Stockholm based company from Marketing industry

The most effective type of marketing in the world is to have your most influential brand ambassadors deliver your marketing message in their own words. We call it amplified word of mouth.

With more than 50 categories - ranging from lifestyle, fashion and parenting to gardeners, surfers and even horse photographers - The online creators that we work with reach anywhere from 5,000 to 10M people in their own channels.

Sandviken based company from Engineering industry

An Industrial process solutions group with 600 employees, 35+ sales & service offices globally, production in Asia, Europe and North America and 200 M EURO in annual sales. Previously operating as Sandvik Process Systems.

Stockholm based company from Retail industry

Hi there, We're Afound!

We're all about giving great fashion new life and making deals come true. You see, we sweep the world for gems, hand-pick our favourites and reduce the price before presenting our finds. Some might call us an outlet, while others might call us heroes of our time.